Glowing Body Oils 100ml - Birch Babe

Birch Babe


Get your glow on with this antioxidant-packed luxurious body oil. Sprays on light and leaves skin hydrated and glowing all day!

Available in two scents:

Vanilla is a calming and cozy scent for those who love vanilla.

Chantilly, Birch Babe's signature blend of Patchouli & Bergamot essential oils.

Free of any toxins and infused with a blend of luscious nutrient-rich oils like Coconut and Avocado to keep skin moisturized promote collagen production. It's also carefully crafted with Rosewater and Witch Hazel to strengthen and regenerate skin tissues while helping calm inflammation.

Elevate your self care routine and nourish and protect your skin while adding an extra glow to your day. 

Certified All Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free