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Elate Mission
At Elate Cosmetics we believe in the beauty of everyday rituals. Our mission is to make your life more beautiful in every sense of the word. We make cosmetics that are healthier for you, and healthier for our planet. Sustainable and affordable. Community based and globally conscious. Life. Love Community. Elate Cosmetics.

With a goal of becoming the first waste free cosmetic company, our products offer innovative solutions to the otherwise wasteful practices of the beauty industry, and fill a gap in your beauty ritual. Our aim is to allow our customers to buy well, use less, and love themselves (and the Earth) more.
We believe that each individual effort will create a global impact. At Elate, we encourage creating opportunities for small shifts in daily rituals and mindset that everyone can make. Through these changes, we can start to affect greater change. We all have the power to do something and every contribution, no matter the size or scale, counts.

Authenticity, transparency, trust are the foundations that we use to build our community.  From our packaging and ingredients, to our office culture, every facet is directly influenced by the spirit of inclusion and fairness that we have strived to create and maintain for our customers and our team at Elate.

We commit up to 2% of sales to charitable causes each year through our Social and Environmental Impact program. We are focused on improving the communities in which we live and work, and making a difference.