U-Konserve - Round Stainless Steel Containers



9 oz with Opaque Lid
16 oz with Opaque Lid
16 oz with Lime Lid
9 oz with Lime Lid

Perfect waste-free solution

Perfect for kids lunches, picnics, travel, outdoor adventures and bulk shopping. These help to reduce single-use packaging, and are versatile enough for all of your food-storage needs at home and on the go. U-Konserve's round containers are also ideal for kitchen organization, pantry makeovers, meal prep and family leftovers. Stainless Steel with BPA-Free lids, these are easy for little hands to open, and the leak-proof feature keeps spills at bay. 

Available in 9 or 16 oz

• Leak-proof to keep food fresh and prevent spills
• Easy to sanitize and dishwasher safe
• Containers and lids are freezer safe
• Containers are oven safe up to 300 degrees
• Lighter and sturdier than glass
• Etched tare weights for easy bulk shopping
• Free of BPA, BPS, phthalates and lead