SAPONARIA Shampoo Bar - Tea Tree Mint



Formulated to help people with itchy scalp or dandruff. This is the solid version of shampoos. Practical, ecological and long lasting, that is 70 to 80 washes depending on use.

Contains rosemary, aloe, panthenol provitamin B5 and a light conditioner to soothe your scalp and bring a shine to your hair. For additional information on the ingredients please see file available in the download section of this product sheet.

Handmade - 100% VEGAN
Delivered in a bag that is 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable (plastic free)


How to use: Wet hair and rub shampoo bar a few times on the scalp then lather with your hands while massaging scalp and rinse. Allow the shampoo bar to dry in the open air in a dry place.