RK Safety Blades - 5 Pack

Henson Shaving


  • PRECISION CONSISTENCY - Producing over 1 Billion blades annually, the RK brand has built a global reputation on consistency of manufacturing.
  • SHARP BUT FORGIVING – Experienced DE shavers will appreciate the sharpness of this blade, while those less experienced will appreciate it’s smoothness.
  • ZERO PLASTIC - Packaged in a recyclable cardboard box and wrapped in a recyclable wax paper wrap.
  • DECADES OF EXPERIENCE – A global presence in the shaving world for decades, RK has produced and sold billions of blades and maintains a perpetual desire to improve.
  • WORKS WITH STANDARD DE RAZORS - While specifically designed for the dimensions of the Henson AL13, these blades follow standard DE geometry and will be very effective in any standard DE razor.