(re)zip by BlueAvocado - Reusable Stand-up Storage Bag Kit (3-Pack)



Clear - 3 pc Stand-up Kit
Grey- 3 pc Stand-up Kit
Pink- 3 pc Stand-up Kit
Aqua- 3 pc Stand-up Kit
Solid Grey - 3 pc Stand-up Kit
Green - 3 pc Stand-up Kit

Ready for a waste-less back-to-lunch season? These three are here to help. Like all (re)zips, these stand-up bags are made of 100% food-grade PEVA, which is waterproof, lightweight, and durable enough to meet hundreds of food storage challenges, from portability to prettiness, saving all kinds of disposable bags along the way. So a fresh salad with croutons that stay crunchy and dressing that didn’t spill. Leftovers fans, we’ve packed (re)zips with stewed greens, sesame noodles, fruit salad, and a grain “bowl” into our own bags without a leak. And they’re just as good at keeping baby gear, pet supplies, gym stuff, and travel essentials safe and organized.

Set Includes:

1 x Stand-up Quart (4-Cup) Bag
Dimensions: 9.5 in x 2.5 in x 6.5 in
Volume: 4 cups | 32 fl oz

1 x Stand-up 2-Cup Bag
Dimensions: 7.75 in x 2 in x 5 in
Volume: 2 cups | 16 fl oz

1 x Stand-up Snack (1-Cup) Bag
Dimensions: 5.75 in x 2 in x 3.75 in
Volume: 1 cup | 8 fl oz