Jusu — Aromatherapy Spritzers (3 Varieties)

Jusu Body SKU: 853713740097


Jusu Aromatherapy Spritzers are blended with the purest essential oils not only because they smell amazing but also for their many healing and therapeutic properties. Since there are no harmful chemicals and these spritzers are blended with high-quality essential oils they make lovely body sprays that are safe on your skin. Simply spritz on your face or body for an invigorating aromatherapy experience.

These amazing spritzers do double duty as air fresheners in your home, office or vehicles. As well as used to freshen up linens such as clothing, bedding, curtains, fabric furniture, and carpets.

Breathe Blend is a herbaceous citrus blend great for helping to open up airways and relieve congestion. Use this spritzer when you have a cold or flu, or when suffering from allergies or just need a spritzer to encourage you to breathe deeply!

Immunity Blend has a rich spicy aroma reminiscent of the Holidays. This blend has great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it great for using around the house to fight off cold and flu and other airborne contaminants.

 Cleanse Blend is a herbaceous citrus blend perfect for air purification. Use this spritzer in bathrooms or stale areas of your home to help eliminate odours and airborne contaminants with its powerful antibacterial properties.