JUSU - Natural Deodorant - 4 Varieties

Jusu Body


Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant - 3oz
Ginger Citrus Deodorant - 3oz
Smokey Cedar Deodorant - 3oz
Natural Unscented Deodorant - 3oz

Try out these wonderful all natural, aluminum-free deodorants from JUSU Body.

EUCALYPTUS MINT: This gentle, non-irritating deodorant energizes the body, refreshes the spirit & stimulates the mind thanks to Japanese peppermint and Eucalyptus pure essential oils. 

Made with natural antibacterials like coconut and mango seed butters, tapioca starch minimizes and absorbs wetness, while magnesium and sodium bicarbonate alkalize acidic bacteria. Feel fresh all day long

GINGER CITRUS A naturally effective way to stay odoUr-free, with crisp, fragrant orange and warm, soothing ginger. Hops and coconut and mango seed butters are natural antibacterials. The combination of acidophilus probiotic, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and hops alkalizes and neutralizes odoUr-causing bacteria. Tapioca starch helps minimize and absorb wetness without blocking healthy sweat.

SMOKEY CEDAR:  Naturally effective odour control with the grounding, woodsy scents of Virginia Cedar wood & Frankincense essential oils. Made with a virgin coconut oil base, this plant-based deodorant neutralizes underarm bacteria and absorbs wetness with tapioca starch. Imagine immersing yourself in a cedar sauna with this daily deodorizing ritual. 

HOW TO USE:  Swipe on a dry underarm area to provide natural deodorizing properties with the refreshing blend of Eucalyptus and Japanese Peppermint. 

JUSU TIPS:  Switching from a deodorant with synthetic chemicals to our clean deodorant, your body will expel built-up toxins. This detox period can last up to six weeks, so it’s completely normal to experience above-average sweating and odour during this time.