Jusu Body Lotions - 3 Varieties

Jusu Body

 Jusu Body Lotions come in three amazing blends to choose from!

Vanilla Peppermint:  Created with Japanese peppermint, this lotion is formulated to soothe and refresh. Vanilla is a natural antioxidant, aphrodisiac and relaxant that leaves you feeling passionately energized.

Eucalyptus Mint:  Relax as this tingly formulation stimulates, detoxifies, and hydrates your body. Its essential oil blend of Japanese peppermint, juniper, cypress, lavender, organic vetiver, and eucalyptus stimulate your senses to produce feelings of wakefulness. It also boasts antibacterial and antiviral properties to strengthen your immune system. Easily absorbed and non-greasy, this revitalizing lotion nurtures all skin types.

Ginger Citrus:  This smoothing lotion features a powerful essential oil blend of ginger, sweet and wild orange, litsea, and ylang ylang. Ginger warms, soothes, and improves circulation as wild orange energizes, freshens and uplifts. Together, it’s a playful, radiant, and positivity-promoting lotion full of long-lasting hydration that’s food for the soul — and all skin types. Radiate sunshine from the inside out with this stimulating blend.

How to useApply directly to dry or moist skin, massage in liberally. Can be used as a hand cream and full body moisturizer. 

Fun Facts:

- The natural vitamin C conveniently found in Jusu Body products is a key ingredient in skin rejuvenation, antioxidant ability, and collagen production.

- JUSU Body lotions use food-grade ingredients to give you a rich, nourishing experience from head to toe. 

- Moisturizing with Jusu provides a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss, damage from the elements & air-born pollutants. 

- Jusu Body Lotion is plant-based, long-lasting hydration, cruelty-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free.