IREUSE2–Gorgeous Gold Cutlery Set



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Luxury everyone can afford.
This Gorgeous Gold set will make all your friends think you got a new job.
Featuring a shiny, mirror finish this beautiful cutlery set will help your next meal shine.
When you pull out your neatly, compact cutlery case while you’re on the hiking trail or just grabbing your favourite drink at the local coffee shop. You’ll feel great because you’re helping to reduce single use plastic pollution by bringing your own individual, hygienic sets that includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, 2 straws and cleaner all tucked away neatly in its own hard, easy to clean carrying case.  All utensils made with durable stainless steel this flatware is both strong and beautiful and will provide years of service.
Being Eco Sustainable doesn’t have to look boring anymore
Dishwasher Safe
Case size: 9.5x2.25x1.5 inches