Happy — Rose Quartz Spoon Acupressure Tool



Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Spoon Gua Sha Acupressure Tool is used for the targeted relief of facial and jaw tension as well as facial relaxation.

 What it does:
depuff and move excess fluids around facial area
- helps to relieve facial tension
- aids to loosen areas of sinus congestion
- balance and allow the flow of Qi energy

Use it in conjunction with your favourite facial oil, serum or face cream. 


Apply facial oil, serum or cream to avoid Gua Sha friction on skin. Using the spoon side, go from centre of face and outwards over brows, cheeks and jaw area. Using the handle end, use on brow end points, nasal region and ear area as needed.  

Consult with a licensed TCM acupuncturist for optimal results and technique targetted toward your needs. 

Rose Quartz is known as the love stone, is said to carry a powerful energy that works within the heart and the area related to compassion. It is also believed to balance emotions, lower stress and raise self-esteem.

May you feel valued, accepted and cared for with Happy.