Green Umbrella Eco Panty Liners

Green Umbrella


Thinner, smaller, and a little less absorbent than their big cousins the pad, panty liners still offer protection when you need it.

Choose from:

1) Our Adaptable Fit panty liners (meant to wrap around your thong underwear) which come unwrapped


2) Ultra Thin liners are so thin and breathable that you barely notice you're wearing them. 

3) Liner with Wings thin design with wings: comfort and freshness so that neither you nor anyone notice you're wearing.

Find the right fit, and feel good about it thanks to our organic cotton. It’s better for your body, better for the Earth, and better for your favourite pair of underwear. The jury is still out on what they aren’t better for.

Let’s talk about organic cotton.

At Only, we’re committed to sustainable period products. That starts with the use of organic cotton, grown with zero chemicals and only sustainable practices. It’s good for the planet and great for you.