Reusable Silicone Freezer Bag / Food Containers (3pcs) - Ekö + co

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Reusable silicone bags can be used for food storage, soup container, lunch box, sandwich bag, reusable snack bag, mixing bowl or any other small valuables container.

These silicone food stashers are freezer and microwave safe so you can freeze your leftovers or warm them up when needed, they are made from food grade and BPA free silicone, ziplock closure will keep your food fresh and free of odours.

These reusable bags feature flat bottoms for ease of use, tough silicone walls will prevent any fractures and punctures and top sliding lock bar will prevent any accidental leakage.

The set contains 3 reusable silicone bags (small, medium and large),

Individual pieces size: small 250ml (8oz.) medium 400ml (14oz.) large 500ml (16oz.) all sizes are approximate measured with liquids