Eco Tan — Intense Exfoliating Glove

Eco Tan SKU: 9347597000039


Don’t do all the hard work yourself

Let us give you a hand!


Our miracle working Exfoliating, Tan Remover Glove, is tougher than she looks. Whether you are prepping your perfect base before your tan, removing your existing one or just need a good scrub… this is your shower essential for your smoothest skin yet. 

Also perfect for taming ingrown hairs, sloughing dry skin or to smooth rough uneven skin

Tip: Searching for the best way to remove fake tan? Use a salt scrub with this  Exfoliating, Tan Remover Glove to gently buff skin and remove old tan, as well as treating ingrown hairs, rough heels, elbows and knees.