Green Umbrella Reusable Applicator System with Eco Tampons

Green Umbrella


Wow, this Ottawa company has brought to market the only reusable tampon applicator available in Canada!
The reusable applicators are ethically made in Barcelona with medical grade materials for reuse (no single use plastic trash!)
The Tampons are made from 100% organic and hypoallergenic cotton to reduce and prevent the risk of irritation, itching, infections and allergies, and they are also clinically tested & 100% biodegradable (they do not contain plastics proceeding from oil and, therefore are one of the most environmentally friendly brands of the market).
It’s time to change your tampon game- Sustainably. Get all the ease of a plastic tampon applicator without all the waste.
Each kit contains:
1 Carrying Case
1 Storage Tube
1 Reusable Applicator
8 Regular Organic Cotton Tampons
8 Super Organic Cotton Tampons