Nelson Naturals — Moringa Mineral Rich Toothpaste

Nelson Naturals


Nelson Naturals' latest formula combines the power of Moringa, Iodine & Bentonite Clay for ultra-effective teeth & gum support.

🌱 Moringa is a nutrient & mineral powerhouse. Literally the most nutrient-dense plant on earth! It a super addition to your daily brushing routine.

🌱 Iodine is a member of the Halogen family (same as Fluoride) & has many amazing benefits.

🌱 Bentonite Clay is used to absorb stains and acts as a mild abrasive. It's like a detox for your mouth!

With the mineral-rich properties of Moringa, the unique properties of Iodine combined with the detoxifying properties of Bentonite we believe this will be one of the best brushes you’ve ever had. In fact, we guarantee it!