Birch Bark Coffee Co — Organic Wholebean Coffee — Inukshuk Med/Dk Roast (340g)

Birch Bark Coffee Co


Birch Bark Coffee Co., established in Ottawa in March 2018, is an Indigenous-owned and operated small business that is proud to offer organic, fair-trade coffee grown by sustainable co-ops. A portion of every bag sold goes toward bringing clean drinking water to Indigenous homes suffering under Boil Water Advisories.

About the blend: Inukshuk are placed throughout the Arctic landscape, acting as "helpers" to the Inuit. Among their many practical functions, they are used as hunting and navigational aids, coordination points, and message centres.

This blend contains dark roasted coffee from the ASOBAGRI co-op as well as Guatemalan coffee from a co-op called CCDA. This group is very politically-active and advocates indigenous and campesino (peasant) rights in Solola department. They frequently oppose mining and hydroelectric projects in their territory and have a strong infrastructure of social supports for themselves thanks to their fair trade coffee profits.