Birch Bark Coffee Co, Summer Solstice Dark Roast, Organic Wholebean, 340g

Birch Bark Coffee Co

The Summer Solstice is a day of traditional significance to Indigenous Peoples and has been celebrated around the world for thousands of years. The Earth’s northern hemisphere is tilted as close as it gets toward the sun and we enjoy the longest day of light in the year.

This is intensely dark roasted coffee from ASOBAGRI co-op in Guatemala. Very heavy notes of smoke, black pepper and bakers chocolate.

All of our coffees change with the harvest seasons around the world. We maintain the same flavour profiles over the course of the year but what we put together to make those flavour profiles will change with the season.

Birch Bark Coffee Co. was established in March 2018 and we are proud to offer organic, Fair Trade coffee that is SPP (The acronym of the Spanish name, Simbolo de Pequeños Productores) certified and that is grown and produced by farmers that are Indigenous descendants.  

Every bag of coffee you purchase helps support SPP and by encouraging people to read the Birch Bark Web site it helps spread the word and make this world a better place.