BIRCH BABE - Shave Bar 110g - Woodsy Jay

Birch Babe


A creamy package free shave bar!

Suds naturally for an ultra smooth shave that leaves skin super smooth and hydrated!

Infused with essential oils like Avocado and and Rosehip to nourish skin as well  as Kaolin Clay and Coconut Oil reduce inflammation and provide a soothing shave experience. 

Woodsy Jay: 'Woodsy Jay' is infused with a smokey scent reminiscent of the back country with hints of tobacco and campfire.*Contains Tobacco Leaf Fragrance Oil.

Moisten Shave Bar and create a lather in hands. Apply to desired areas and shave as usual for silky smooth, hydrated skin.

Net Weight: 110 gr / 3.9 oz

Vegan, Zero-Waste, Locally Made