BIRCH BABE - Body & Shampoo Bar 110g - Citrus Swirl

Birch Babe


All Natural & Plastic Free Shampoo & Body Bars

A hydrating, all natural body bar that will turn every wash into a sensory experience. Handmade in Canada and lathers beautifully without the use of sulphates.

Winner of CertClean's 2020 "Clean Beauty Awards" for Best Shampoo Bar and 2nd for Best Shampoo all around!!

Citrus Swirl: Citrus Swirl is infused with grapefruit for a refreshing dose of vitamins A and C which help nourish and boost hair growth while also brightening skin and bringing your hair's natural highlights. Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial and calming on the scalp. The infusion of citrus will leave your hair and skin feeling invigorated and smelling of citrus.

For those who love Shampoo Bars and 2 in 1 products this can also be used in your hair. Best results on unbleached hair

Net Weight: 110 gr / 3.9 oz