Abeego Wax Wraps



Abeego Wax Wraps - Small (6pk)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Medium (3pk)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Large Square (2pk)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Giant
Abeego Wax Wraps - Variety Squared Pack (3pk)
Abeego Wax Wrap - Small Square (Single)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Medium Rectangle Wrap (Single)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Large Rectangle (Single)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Large Square (Single)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Small Rectangle Wrap (Single)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Medium Square Wrap (Single)
Abeego Wax Wraps - Small Square (5pk)

Keep lemons luscious, overnight oats protected, and take cookies to go.

Squeeze Abeego food wraps around your foods and bowls, store in the fridge, and uncover the next day for fresh and alive food. Every time. 

Made with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth, Abeego’s hand-picked ingredients offer a powerful synergy to Keep Food Alive. The complexity of the formula is what makes these wraps so simple to use. It’s the easy way you’ve always wanted food wrap to function.

Abeego comes in different sizes:

Small includes 6 x  18cm x 18cm wax wraps

Medium includes 3 x 25cm x 25cm wax wraps

Large includes 2 x 33cm x 33cm wax wraps

Giant includes 1 x 33cm x 61cm wax wrap

Variety includes 1 x small (18x18cm) 1 x medium (25x25cm ) 1 x large  (33x33cm)

Variety Squared Includes: Small Square | 18cm x 18cm (7"x7"), Medium Square | 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10"), Large Square | 33cm x 33cm (13" x 13")

Single Square Includes: 1 Small Square 18cm x 18cm (7"x7")

Medium Rectangle Wrap | 25cm x 46cm (10"x18")

Large Rectangle | 33cm x 61cm (13"x24")

Large Square | 33cm x 33cm (13"x13")

Small Rectangle Wrap | 18cm x 30cm (7"X12")

Medium Square | 25cm x 25cm (10"x10")