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Whistler Chocolate - the home of the finest organic fair trade  chocolate bars in Canada! All bars are certified organic and  certified fair trade and are made from the finest organic ingredients including extra smooth dark chocolate with a minimum  74% cocoa content and extra creamy high cocoa content milk chocolate (40% cocoa).

Whistler Chocolate was founded in November 2006 by adventure and chocolate loving Whistlerites. The goal was to combine the love of chocolate with the love for the Whistler lifestyle. They  wanted to provide good quality organic chocolate for Whistler visitors and residents alike and at the same time infusing the fun and joyful lifestyle of Whistler in the packaging. And it worked! Whistler Chocolate is now a favourite among the Whistler locals and visitors.

Always seeking to enhance our product, Whistler Chocolate was the first company to launch a new eco-friendly packaging in 2009. The inner wrap is 100% compostable and made out of wood fibre. It can be disposed of in a home or local composter. The box is 100% recyclable and is made from 35-75% post consumer waste - so as along as you eat the chocolate (we know you will) there is absolutely no waste!

On December 2012 our chocolate bars made history and rocketed into space to the International Space Station!!. Our chocolate bars were part of the menu for astronauts.

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