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BeeBAGZ™ Mission

We are an innovative manufacturer of SUSTAINABLY produced and environmentally friendly food storage solutions. Our company's mission is to contribute to the zero-waste movement by providing consumers with socially responsible alternatives that result in a notable reduction in overall single-use plastic bag consumption. We hope you will join us in our mission to clean up the planet, one bag at a time.
Our totally biodegradable beeswax bags are made from: cotton, Canadian beeswax, jojoba oil, resin and lots of love.

About the Hive
"Stemming from the desire to keep my kids’ lunches healthy, with the inspiration to be part of a solution that helps to address a global crisis, I created BeeBAGZ™, the first 100% plastic free beeswax wrap baggie. With a simple solution, small changes can have a big impact, if we all adopt them. With BeeBAGZ™ we are giving people a choice to help clean up our oceans and landfills, one plastic bag at a time." - Kristi MacDonald, Founder


On August 15th, 2019 our hive at BeeBAGZ™ celebrated its one-year anniversary! It all started with a single idea to support plastic-free, zero-waste living and make a difference, one reusable, 100% biodegradable bag at a time! Today, thousands of BeeBAGZ™ are out there making life simpler and greener, all thanks to our customers.

Why wrap it, when you can bag it!

Simple Design

Water-resistant, self-sealing BeeBAGZ™ are not only functional, but easy and convenient to use.

There's no wrapping required. Simply load your food, fold the top down, and seal shut with the warmth of your fingers. No zippers, velcro or other plastic closures required. 

Fresher-tasting, longer

The combination of 100% cotton, a patent pending seam, and a beeswax solution allows for a breathable storage environment that is proven to preserve food longer. Leafy greens, carrots, cheeses and other foods will look fresher and taste better compared to storage in ziplocked baggies or other plastic storage containers. BeeBAGZ™ provide an attractive storage solution that helps to reduce food wastage and household spend.