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4Ocean pulls 1 pound of trash from the ocean & coastlines for every product purchased

The idea for the company was born during a surf trip in Bali, Indonesia by founders Alex & Andrew .

It was on this dream trip that they found a beach that was completely covered in plastic, with trash-filled waves delivering more garbage with each break.

They asked a local why such a popular, and otherwise beautiful, shoreline wasn’t kept clean, and were told that the beaches had been cleaned just hours earlier. The trash they were wading through had only just washed ashore.

Their eyes were immediately opened to the magnitude of the ocean plastic crisis, and they vowed on the spot to try to do something about it.

They created the 4Ocean bracelet and pledged to pull a pound of trash from the ocean for each one purchased, using the profits to scale cleanup operations, make donations to ocean-related nonprofits, and build an organizational infrastructure to support future growth.