Zero Waste MVMT–Reusable Snack Bags 4pk (2 Large + 2 XL)

Zero Waste MVMT


If you’ve ever had trouble finding an eco-friendly alternative to plastic baggies and ziplocs, we’ve got you covered! (literally)

Zero Waste MVMT's reusable snack bags are the perfect alternative to single-use bags, simply wash and reuse! They are great for freezing food, packing in lunches, using as an ice pack, and much more. Featuring a double zip, they are durable, leak-proof and designed to last! 

Washing/ Care: Avoid turning the bags inside out and wash with warm soapy water. Place open side down over a glass to air dry.

Material: The reusable snack bags are madefrom an FDA-grade PEVA material that is foodsafe, BPA free, and recyclable (check with your local facility).

These bags aren’t recommended for the dishwasher or microwave.

Zero Waste MVMT is a Canadian company from Winnipeg, Manitoba. All of our products are designed to help you reduce waste in an economic and eco-friendly way! We always ship plastic-free in recycled cardboard boxes, sealed with paper tape. A tree is planted with every purchase!