The Future is Bamboo - Coconut Shell Candles

The Future is Bamboo


Clean Bloom - Purely Unscented. Sensitive noses, rejoice. 

Sensitive to scents but you still want the soothing ambiance of a crackling candle? Our Clean Bloom Coco-Candle is for you! Purely unscented, you can still enjoy its relaxing glow & comforting sounds for all your self-care rituals.

Cozy Bloom 

Comforting, woodsy and fresh. The perfect fragrance for a chill and zen relaxing day (or night)

Sugar Bloom is fresh and sweet!
Top Notes: Mandarin Peels 
Middle: Grapefruit, Agave
Base: Peach, Sugar 

BIODEGRADABLE SHELL :The stylish and earthy coconut shell can be composted when empty. 

CRACKLING WOODEN WICK : Soothing sounds and comforting glow 

HAND POURED SOY WAX : Made in small batches

*For proper burning and avoid tunneling, please ensure to burn the candle for a minimum of 3 hours for the first time. The whole top of layer of wax should be completely melted before blowing out the candle. 

Net weight : 10.58 oz | 300 g |  Burn time :up to 50 hours 

*Please discard the wick's small metal holder in the recyclable bin prior to composting coconut shell.

*Coconut shells are a raw material. Your unique Coco-Candle may differ from picture.