Öko Creations - Teen's Kit

Oko Creations


The Trying it Out! kit includes:

1  Light flow panty liner + individual storage pouch
1 Regular flow pad + individual storage pouch
1 Oko-Capsule sample – stain-fighting and whitening treatment for cloth pads

For whom?

This set is perfect to try out Oko-Teens washable pads and panty liners for the first time. You’ll then be able to decide how many and which type of pads you’ll need to complete your collection depending on your flow. Oko Teens are specially designed reusable menstrual pads for pre-teens and teens. They are designed to be narrower than our classic Oko Pads

Not sure what your flow is like?
No worries, we’ve got a tip for you. Hot tip: If you’re not sure how heavy your flow is, start off using an Öko-Teens pad at home. This way you can get a sense of how much absorption you will need and how often you need to change your pad, all in the comfort of your home!