Öko Creations–Sandwich Wrap

Oko Creations

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Replaces about 260 sandwich bags a year!

This versatile Reusable Sandwich Wrap can contain a variety of sandwich shapes: sandwich bread, round buns, paninis, croissants, rolled tortillas, etc.

Unpack your sandwich and use the wrap as a placemat! The Öko Creations Sandwich Wrap will keep your sandwich safe while you're on the go.

Made with organic cotton coated with food grade polyurethane, the wrap is easy to wash: run under water or rub with a little dish soap, and let it dry. Can be machine washed cold and dried as needed.

Use permanent marker on the cotton tag to identify your wrap! Eco-friendly and zero waste!

- Sold individually;
- Format 37cm x 25.5cm (14.5 x 10 inches)
- Composition: 55% hemp, 45% certified organic cotton coated with food grade polyurethane;
- Label: 100% cotton
- Packaging: FSC certified paper;

Made in Quebec, Canada.