Jusu All-Natural Lip Balms 4 Varieties

Jusu Body SKU: 827232000048


Jusu's all-natural Lip Balms hydrate & seal in moisture so your lips stay in optimum health, look & feel great!!

Vanilla Peppermint:  Relax as Japanese peppermint cools, calms, and refreshes your senses, and JUSU-infused vanilla bean provides a sensual, stimulating aroma. Using fair trade Baraka Shea Butter for cell regeneration and hydration, this refreshing preparation enlightens and brightens to relieve the slow-moving energy of the winter months.

Ginger Citrus:  Let anxiety and stress melt away as the natural antidepressants of white grapefruit lift your spirit, relax the mind, and cultivate positive feelings. Jojoba oil moisturizes and conditions with long-lasting hydration that’s suitable for all lip types.

Eucalyptus Mint:  Stimulate and moisturize with a cooling breath of fresh air. This minty combination elevates energy and concentration on contact. Exceptionally hydrating virgin coconut oil compliments eucalyptus and Japanese peppermint essential oils to give you smooth, rejuvenated lips.

Natural:  This gentle, soft balm uses raspberry seed oil to create a natural barrier that provides broad-spectrum sun protection, anti-aging properties, and long-lasting hydration for all skin types. For soothing protection, it's simply all you need.