Jusu — Bug and Tick Spray



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JUSU Bug and Tick spray is a natural, safer alternative to DEET- based insect repellent products.

Parasitic insects have receptors that pick up signals given off by your body – your body heat, the carbon dioxide you exhale and the cocktail of chemicals excreted by your skin – like lactic acid. ( If you noticed that when you are hiking or exercising or sweating, the bugs are all over you – that is why! You secrete more lactic acid when you are using your large muscles.)  

All repellants work by jamming the odour-receptors of insects. The bugs and ticks get confused and can’t hone in on their target. Did you know that certain essential oils perform, and even out-perform DEET in jamming the odor-receptors and preventing insect bites? 

Essential oils are the aromatic essences of plants; and in addition to their inviting fragrances and ability to repel insects, these oils protect the plant from viruses, bacteria, fungus and moulds.

JUSU Body Bug and Tick Spray contains up to 7% of a total blend of powerful essential oils that are effective and safely used on the skin. This high content allows a concentrated, effective, safe, preservative-free product.