Indigo Soda Stream CO2 Cylinder



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Refill Indigo Soda Stream Bottle ($12.50) IN STORE ONLY

Indigo: Easy to refill CO2 Cylinders

From Ordinary to Extraordinary with Indigo Soda

You love bubbles? Indigo does too, they particularly love them! Their solution to add sparkle in your day-to-day is to put their CO2 bottles at work. Make flat water sprinkle, this is their mission! As Quebec entrepreneurs, they want to make CO2 refilling affordable and accessible. Their price is 35% cheaper than competitors. Their local service is a profitable solution as for you as for the environment.


Is your CO2 cylinder empty?

Come to ALL ECO to exchange it for a new one for only 12.75+ tax. Simple and affordable! Indigo Soda will exchange any empty CO2 cylinder for a full one at best price. Rest assured that we deliver dietary-grade quality and traceability for their products. Why wait? Put sparkle into your water!