giftagreen - Gift Box - Happy Birthday



Our Happy Birthday Gift Box helps them celebrate in style! This unique gift is a perfect way to celebrate and offers your recipient a fun and engaging way to enjoy their day (and week). The Happy Birthday microgreen grow kit unpacks into 5 different mini microgreen gardens perfect for windowsills, desks, or anywhere else in the home or office. The kit includes 5 mini grow cups, 5 - 30 gram coco coir (soil) disks, 1 mixing stick and 5 packs of organic microgreen seeds in radish, kale, arugula, basil and broccoli. Growing instructions are also included. Recipients get to sow their seeds and watch them grow over a 7-12 day period where they will then be ready to harvest and consume. Microgreens are a perfect addition to any favourite dish and can even be enjoyed on their own. They offer a delicious flavour with a lot of zip and an abundance of vitamins and nutrients.