Fragrance Oils - Sequoia


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  High Quality Fine Fragrance Oils

 4 Delicious Scents!

Formulated to be stable in soap, candles and lotions you can create with these oils or enjoy in a diffuser or candle warmer - so versatile! 

Please note we do not recommend using our Fragrance oils at full strength on your skin. For skin use, these should be diluted in a carrier oil at 1% or less.

Lavender Essential Oil - The power of pure Lavender in a bottle! 

Sweetgrass - Best selling, elusive scent this fragrance oil is custom blended to smell like Sweetgrass

Red Clover -  Sweet Red Clover with a hint of fresh greens

Blackberry Sage - The perfected blend of the sweetness of blackberries blended with herbal sage