Ever Bamboo — Bamboo Charcoal Bin Deodorizer

Ever Bamboo


Trash can odour making you blue? Take it OUT with Ever Bamboo! 
(for Garbage Bin, Diaper Pail, Compost Pail, Rice Bin, etc.)

  • ALL NATURAL bamboo charcoal 
  • UNSCENTED - eliminates odours instead of masking them
  • LASTS UP TO 1 YEAR - reactivate under sunlight every 30-60 days

    What is Bamboo Charcoal?

    Harvested from the rapidly growing Moso Bamboo, its naturally occurring porous structure has millions of microscopic holes which pull and absorb odour and moisture from the air. Bamboo charcoal is natural, sustainable, reusable and recyclable. With its non-toxic and eco-friendly attributes, it is literally nature’s way of eliminating life’s stinky stuff!

    Why Ever Bamboo? 

    Deodorizing sprays can be filled with toxic chemicals and harsh scents that just mask odours and create damp surfaces. Ever Bamboo neutralizes odour while simultaneously dehumidifying.