Da Lish Cosmetics — Lipsticks

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Nadine L02 Fuchsia
Shirley L03 Pink
Corrine L05 Coral

Da Lish lipsticks offer full coverage & bright pigments that won’t dry out your lips.

Founder, owner & operator of Da Lish, Melanie Cruickshank, takes great pride in every single one of these matte, long-lasting lipsticks. You should be able to have meals, coffee, wine, snacks and still have a shadow.

Da Lish is:

Canadian-Made + Vegan + Locally Sourced + Natural & Organic Ingredients + Cruelty Free + Recyclable Packaging + Non-GMO + Fragrance Free + Gluten Free + No Sulphates, Phthalates, Petrochemicals or Parabens.