Da Lish Cosmetics — Concealers

Da Lish SKU: 1000000012



Da Lish's creamy, light-textured concealers glide on easily & dry quickly. The coverage gives a satin-like finish and is so light you won't even feel it.

Brightening illuminators instantly wake up under-eye shadows, lift eyebrow arches & highlight cupid’s bows. Ideal for minimizing discoloration, while corrective pigments disguise blemishes. Basically, it's magic. 

~About the shades~

C01: Light. For very fair skin tones. Yellow undertone. 
C02: Medium. Elater's most popular shade. Works on fair to medium tones. Pink undertone.
C03: Dark. For our medium-dark-toned ladies. Yellow undertone. 

Da Lish is:
Canadian Made + Vegan + Locally Sourced + Natural & Organic Ingredients + Cruelty Free + Recyclable Packaging + Non-GMO + Fragrance Free + Gluten Free + No Sulphates, Phthalates, Petrochemicals or Parabens