Corkcicle - Sports Canteens 20 oz



Sun Soaked Lilac 20 oz Sports Canteen
Dune 20 oz Sports Canteen
Radiant Garden  20 oz Sports Canteen
Dopamine Floral 20 oz Sports Canteen
Pacific Blue 20 oz Sports Canteen
River 20 oz Sports Canteen
Black Matte 20 oz Sports Canteen

Don't be Thirsty, Activate Your Best Hydration!

Beautiful and Functional - Series A is Drinkware designed to defend every sip from slips & chips, and look fab doing it.

This collection was made to perform with an all-new, soft, yet incredibly strong DURAPRENE™ finish. 

Drinkware designed to defend every sip from slips and chips, and look good doing it.

Sport Canteen - portable 20oz  great for toting to your next workout or practice, keeping things cool for 25 hours, or hot for 12.

Plus, it features a new, Quick Sip Sport Lid for easy drinking on the go.

  • Triple insulated
  • Wide mouth for ice cubes
  • Folding Handle
  • Quick Sip Cap
  • Strong DURAPRENE™ finish (Black Matte, River, Dune & Sunsoaked Lilac)
  • Length: 3.43in
  • Width: 3.43in
  • Height: 10.5in
  • Weight: 0.93lb