Jusu — Honey Shea Hair Treatment

Jusu Body


Jusu's natural honey hair treatment deeply penetrates the hair shaft, smoothes the cuticle and leaves hair shiny and soft. The Jusu treatment uses whole food nutrition to strengthen, nourish and restore healthy hair, without the damaging ingredients found in most conditioners, 

It contains the gentle, nutty aroma of natural shea butter with sweet honey notes.

Nourish your hair and sooth your scalp with this luxurious, nutrient-rich natural honey hair treatment. The honey and shea butter deeply penetrate the hair shaft to smooth the cuticles, leaving hair shiny and soft. It is ideal for thirsty and curly hair types!

Our unique plant-based blends are infused with organic pulp from our juice. This means each product contains whole-food vitamins, minerals & enzymes that promote vitality, inside & out.