Alkemist Series Goblets 18oz - Eco Crystal

RCR Italian Eco-Crystal Glassware LUXION®

This gorgeous goblet has you covered, the innovative design is perfect for wine, aperitif and cocktail.
Glass capacity 18 oz - Set of six goblets.
We carry matching decanter, tumblers & wine goblets from the Alkemist series too!

LUXION® eco-crystal glass is a 100% recyclable material: not only are its production cullet glass fed back into the production process as raw materials, but only eco-crystal glass cullet can be recycled in RCR’s furnaces so as not to contaminate the quality of its material. Electric Furnaces used for production are fuelled with energy derived directly or indirectly from renewable sources & have no atmospheric discharge.

At RCR, the best strategy has always been not to pollute, because safeguarding the environment is good for business.