Blume - Holiday Superfood Latte Trio



Blume is on a mission to simplify your wellness rituals! And let's have fun while doing it. 

In this box you’ll find 30 servings of classic holiday flavours recreated with less sugar and plant-based superfood ingredients.

A trio of spiced gingerbread, creamy nut nog and soothing mint cocoa means something for everyone. This is one gift where more really is merrier. 

MINT COCOA Ingredients: Cacao powder*, Peppermint powder*, Cocoa powder*, Coconut sugar*, Peppermint flavour*, Spearmint powder*, Maca powder*. *Organic

GINGERBREAD Ingredients: Mesquite powder*, Lucuma powder*, Molasses powder*, Cinnamon powder*, Ginger root powder*, Date Sugar*, Allspice powder*, Ground cloves*. *Organic

NUT NOG Ingredients: Coconut milk powder* (coconut milk*, tapioca maltodextrin*), Coconut sugar*, Natural flavours*, Cinnamon powder*, Nutmeg powder*, Acacia fibre*, Reishi mushroom powder*, Ground cloves*, Turmeric root powder*, Pink Himalayan salt. *Organic

Vegan ☁ Caffeine Free ☁ Organic. Based in Vancouver!