Bentgo–Glass Lunch Container



The Bentgo® Glass Lunchbox is the clear choice for meal prep, food storage, and packing a healthy lunch for work or school. They've combined everything you love about the bento-style lunch solutions into a first-of-its-kind glass lunch box container that provides a healthy alternative to plastic. The built-in portion control lets you pack healthier, balanced meals with perfectly portioned and leak-proof compartments that accommodate one main entree and two side dishes.

The 3 compartment glass food storage containers along with the variety of rich color choices create the ideal lunch box for men and women. Easily clean in the dishwasher without the lingering odor or stains that come with traditional plastic lunch containers. Bentgo® Glass is safe for reheating meals in the oven up to 1100°F without the lid and then can store meals in the fridge for later.