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Handmade. Homemade.

The basic ingredients for these products consist of different varieties of fresh crop beans and peas, which are purchased from local growers in the London Ontario area. Beans are the "canvas" for our craft. All of the spices are carefully hand mixed and sealed for inclusion in the packages. We then hand pack the colourful beans, peas and lentils into clear poly bags, and heat seal each package with our delicious family recipe.

Our premium soybeans, fava beans and chick peas are roasted then lightly coated with sunflower oil. When the soybeans are cool, we hand mix our savoury flavours with the beans and heat seal each package for freshness….. Voila! What we have created is a healthy snack which is high in protein, fibre and most of all…. FLAVOUR!!!

We also offer our product line as a fundraiser to schools, sports teams and non-profit organizations, who want a healthy alternative to high fat and high sugar fundraising products.