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Based out of Toronto, Canada, bstrd is a unique, handmade Canadian jewelry line, built on the following pillars: quality, affordability, responsibility and versatility.

bstrd is the creative child of Tianna and Andre Bastien. We are proud designers and parents to 4 lil bstrds.

"bstrd" stands for "basteroid," which they jokingly call their kids - Bastien asteroids that have shot out into the universe. They quickly realized this could be shortened to "bstrd" and take on a much edgier look and decided to use it as the brand name!

The goal is simple - to create quality pieces that are on-trend, affordable, responsibly made and offer many unique styling possibilities.

bstrd uses fine and demi-fine components in the line - gemstones, 14k solid gold, 18k gold vermeil, 18k gold-plated steel, 14k gold filled and sterling silver. All the metals are RECYCLES, all gemstones are responsibly mined.