Silicone Scalp Massageer - Bottle None

Bottle None


Black Scalp Massager
White Scalp Massager

Did you know that scalp massage stimulates hair growth, volume, and overall feelings of emotional health and wellness (Sign us up right?!)

Gently remove stubborn residue, oils, buildup from the scalp and hair follicles using our 100% silicone scalp massager.  

We are firm believers in self care and routine practices of gratitude and love.  Adding this tool to your hair care and self care ritual can boost feelings of emotional wellness and decrease tension and stress.  Combine that with healthy, thriving hair and its becoming one of our favourite additions to the Bottle None lineup!!

Safe to keep in your shower and use with or without your shampoo/conditioner.  (Best results are to use it with your shampoo bar)