Nova Scotia Fisherman — Salt-N-Sea Body Scrub Lavender & Vanilla


Nova Scotia Fisherman

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Tip: Use a bit in the bath as a balm in the water and allow the rich, natural oils to soak into your skin. Seabuckthorn provides intense vitamin C & collagen support, while Sea Kelp helps prevent inflammation and irritation from changing weather, dry patches, and harsh conditions. 

  • Removes dirt and dead skin cells
  • Exposes hair follicles allowing for a better shave
  • Unclogs pores, which reduces skin irritations and breakouts

Made with: Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, Atlantic Sea Salt, Jojoba oil, Meadowfoam, Seabuckthorn, Vitamin E

Scent: calming and clean–natural lavender oil, fresh lavender seed, sweet vanilla, coconut.